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Laundry Bags Candy Pink


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Tired of having to put your dirty clothes with clean clothes when you are travelling, well with our two unique laundry bags, you never have to worry again

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Tired of having to put your dirty clothes with clean clothes when you are travelling, well with our two unique laundry bags, you never have to worry again.


What is included:


  • 1 Large bag – 58cm x 39cm
  • 1 Medium bag – 39cm x 42cm
  • Material - 100% polyester
  • Additional Information

    • Cleaning made easy – The lightweight laundry bags can be easily stored in your suitcase or carry-on until you start accumulating dirty clothes. All you need to do is put the dirty clothes in and you never have to worry about knowing which are clean clothes and which are not
    • Laundry made simple – Let’s be honest, when you are travelling you are unlikely to get your hands dirty and wash your own clothes. Most likely you will send it off to the laundromat who will wash and fold those clothes neatly. Given the bags are uniquely designed to fit more clothes you can fill up and when the clothes return they will be neatly folded in the laundry bag for you to put in the suitcase and off you go
    • Different sizes for different needs – We provide two unique sized bags, our large bag is suitable for the longer trips and families, while the medium size bag is for that cheeky weekend getaway. And if you decide you need a seriously long holiday, just take both
    • Versatile laundry bags – The laundry bags can easily be packed in bags of all sizes, whether its a suitcase, carry-on, duffle bags, backpack, the list literally really is endless
    • Using the bags for creative items – While the laundry bags are meant for dirty clothes, that doesn’t stop you from using it creativity, you can use is as a beach bag or for packing kids toys, we even know people who have decided to use it as they own carry on luggage. Each to their own I suppose
    • Colour me fancy – We know the colour of an item is as important as the functionality, so we provide four colours you can choose from, including Navy Blue, Gun Metal Grey, Candy Pink and Turquoise
    • No more embarrassment at the security gates – Travel and security check-ins go hand in hand. Do you hate that nervous moment where you have packed your bags to the max and get asked to open the contents at security and then struggle to fit everything back? With the mesh bags as the clothes are nicely packed away each bag acts as its own mini bag, so you can show the content, zip back up and you are ready to roll.
    • Avoid the awkward dance at the baggage counter – Another headache of travelling, especially with families is overweight baggage. How many times have you waited in the line and seen some poor soul emptying their suitcase and reorganising their belongings while another 100 people look over with frustration! Well with the mesh bags you don’t need to worry any more, if your luggage is overweight just take out a mesh bag and put it in your carry-on and off you go. Not only will you leave with your bag still organised, you will probably get an envious look from the poor souls you have over packed and didn’t think ahead like you
    • Waterproof – While we can’t fully waterproof the bag on an account that pulls through via a rope, however the main bag is waterproof, so if your clothes are damp or wet, no worries just put it in and send it off to cleaning.
    • Satisfaction guarantee – While we know you will love our bags, we want to provide you with comfort. If you purchase our bags and then find they are not to your liking we will take them back, no questions asked within 60days. We also provide a two warranty if any issues arise
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