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Travel Journal Space Blue


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So you have booked your flights, sorted out your accommodation, decided on the tourist attractions you will visit, may even chosen a travelling companion. So, what else is left, but to document your adventure so you remember when till the end of time (well maybe not that long).

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Leather Travel Journal - Space Blue

Our high-quality leather bound journal will put the finishing touches to your amazing journey. Who knows maybe hundreds of years from now, someone might even dedicate their inspiration to you?


Journal Specification


  • Size: A5 (14.8cm x 21.0cm)
  • Pages: 190
  • Paper: 100gsm
  • Style: Blank
  • Cover: Hard leather cover
  • Finishing: Gold gilt edges
  • Source: Designed in Australia
  • Additional Information

    Why you should try a Marco Battuta travel journal

    • Perfect size for your luggage – The A5 leather journal is specifically designed with the adventurer in mind. The A5 journal is small enough to fit into your hand luggage or laptop bag, but large enough to capture memories from even the longest of adventures
    • Long lasting – The leather-bound journals are created to be long lasting. The genuine leather ensures that journal will not wither away with a bit of dust or water
    • Colour me fancy – We know the colour of an item is as important as the functionality, so we provide multiple colours you can choose from, just check out the full range on the Travel Journal page
    • Ruled or Lined we got you covered – We know some people like lines and others prefer a blank canvas to scribble their deepest thoughts, so we decided to include both. If you don’t know if you are a lined or a ruled person, why not grab one of each and then see which one suits your imagination
    • Gold baby – Nothing says high quality more than gold, so all of our pages are gold gilt edge, just so you can tell your travelling comrades how fàncy (that’s French for fancy, maybe)
    • Map of the world – Nothing quite says a travel journal than a map of the world. So, we have put it in at the front so you can mark off the countries you have visited. Who knows maybe you might look at the map on a long winters night and spontaneously decide to go there the next day?
    • Not only for travel – These journals are created with versatility in mind. While many would choose to use these as a travel journal, others might decide they want to be the talk of the team at work and use it for day to day use.
    • Satisfaction guarantee – While we know you will love our journals; we want to provide you with comfort. If you purchase our journals decide they aren’t what you are looking for, just send it back to us within 60days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to take the journal back if you have already starting to get creative and filled in the pages.
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