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Packing Cube Turquoise Green - 6 Piece Mesh and Non-Mesh Bags


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With these 6 mesh and non-mesh packing cubes you can organise your suitcase into different clothing categories. The lightweight cube bags enables easy organisation of your travel essentials like never before. Use the three uniquely sized mesh bags to pack your clothes, under garments and the non-mesh for privates such as socks, toiletries, bikinis and lingerie.

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6 Piece Bag Packing Cube - Turquoise Green

Forget having to take all your clothes out to find your socks, now with 6 lightweight packing cubes (3 mesh and 3 non mesh) you can organise your suitcase into different clothing categories


What is included:


  • 1 Large bag with mesh cover – 30cm x 39cm x 12cm
  • 1 Large enclosed bag – 27cm x 33xcm
  • 1 Medium bag with mesh cover – 26cm x 29cm x 10cm
  • 1 Medium enclosed bag – 25cm x 23cm
  • 1 Small bag with mesh cover – 20cm x 30cm x 10cm
  • 1 Small enclosed bag – 16cm x 25cm
  • Material - 100% polyester
  • Zipper – Durable metallic zipper
  • Additional Information

    • Packing made easy – The lightweight enclosed bags enables easy organisation of your travel essentials like never before. Use the three uniquely sized bags to pack your clothes, under garments, socks, toiletries and much more
    • Versatile bags – enclosed  bags can easily be packed in bags of all sizes, whether its a suitcase, carry-on, duffle bags, backpack, the list literally really is endless
    • Using the bags for creative items – For those travelling with little children, belongings can add up, including the essentials like kids clothing, sippy cups, diapers, books, games, the list is endless. With the enclosed  bags you can easily organise the items in categories of your choice and pull out the enclosed  bag as required rather than constantly having to take out all the contents and repack
    • Colour me fancy – We know the colour of an item is as important as the functionality, so we provide four colours you can choose from, including Navy Blue, Gun Metal Grey, Candy Pink and Turquoise
    • No more embarrassment at the security gates – Travel and security check-ins go hand in hand. Do you hate that nervous moment where you have packed your bags to the max and get asked to open the contents at security and then struggle to fit everything back? With the enclosed  bags as the clothes are nicely packed away each bag acts as its own mini bag.
    • Avoid the awkward dance at the baggage counter – Another headache of travelling, especially with families is overweight baggage. How many times have you waited in the line and seen some poor soul emptying their suitcase and reorganising their belongings while another 100 people look over with frustration!  if your luggage is overweight just take out a enclosed  bag and put it in your carry-on and off you go. Not only will you leave with your bag still organised, you will probably get an envious look from the poor souls you have over packed and didn’t think ahead like you
    • Waterproof from three sides – Waterproof enclosed bags will help keep whats inside dry or if you decide to put wet clothes inside, keep the other clothes in the suitcase dry. Even better check out our 6 pack where you get both the mesh and non-mesh and save money along the way
    • High quality zipper – Admit it, you have purchased items before where it all looks great, looks functional, only for you to bring it home and the zipper breaks after one use. Well we thought ahead and our bags come with durable two way metallic zippers, so they last longer than your trip
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